Every year thousands of musicians in search of their Rock & Roll dream journey to Southern California only to discover that they are lost among 50,000 other musicians struggling to be both seen and heard. The less than one percent who actually "make it" and sign recording contracts never see a penny for their efforts.Won't Anybody Listen NC-17 Flier

Won't Anybody Listen, a feature length documentary, shot over a period of seven years, chronicles the lives of brothers Frank and Vince Rogala and the members of Orange County's perennial rock band "NC-17".  Humbled by the  brutal realities of the record industry and the corporate business machine,  these courageous musicians are forced to balance their desire for financial success with their need for artistic redemption. A searing indictment of the record industry, Won't Anybody Listen pulls no punches as it destroys the  popular myths about the music business and the Rock & Roll dream.

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