Brothers Frank and Vince Rogala and Robin Canada created NC-17 in 1990. 

Ready to go at the onset of the alternative movement, NC-17 set out on a mission to write and record a collection of powerful new rock songs without the use of a guitar. After months of writing and rewriting, recording and re-recording, NC-17 completed its debut album "The Happiest Place On Earth." Using a distorted Rhodes to take up the slack left by the absence of the guitar, and adding a slew of non-standard instrumentation, effects and recording tricks, "The Happiest Place On Earth" truly sets the unique tone that is NC-17.

Shortly after the completion of "Happiest..." the group sought out a bass player for its live show, and was introduced to Ron Perron through a mutual friend. With Ron on bass, NC-17 played a handful of shows in Hollywood clubs. A few months later, Ron introduced the band to his own former bandmate Chuck Hohn when the band found itself in need of a live sound engineer. Chuck did sound for a few shows and then made the switch to become NC-17's drummer, with whom the band then continued its steady Hollywood show schedule.

In early 1992, NC-17 was selected to appear on Rock America, a video program produced and directed by Dov Kelemer. The band performed a number of songs on the show, and more importantly built a friendship with Dov, who subsequently directed two videos for NC-17 and is currently completing a feature length documentary about the band.

Violinist Robert Anthony Aviles hooked up with NC-17 later in 1992 when he, Chuck, Ron and Robin were invited to play together for a showcase at the Troubadour to back up a singer who was friends with Robert and Chuck. Robert fronted (and still now performs with) his own band called Insight, which had been a winner on Star Search a few years before. The band quickly integrated Robert and his unique style into its already distinct sound, and soon afterward recorded "Hellhead" and "Inside/Outside," two important recordings that marked the next step in the evolution of NC-17.

In 1993 NC-17 completed an EP entitled "Hellhead" containing both "Hellhead" and "Inside/Outside." Those two cuts, along with the "Hellhead" video directed by Dov, were licensed to a company for release in Indonesia and a few other Southeast Asian countries. More recordings were licensed there in 1995, and a full album was released.

Seven years later the full length feature documentary WON'T ANYBODY LISTEN is finished and has been released to great reviews.  NC-17 has finished the songs the film documents them creating and performing and has made them available through the link below.

Special guest Nick Pyzow  featured on Acoustic Guitar 
helped transform NC-17's sound into a powerfully moving score.

Robin Canada from Won't Anybody Listen
Robin Canada  Guitar & Keyboards

Chuck (Charles) Hohn from Won't Anybody Listen
Chuck Hohn  Drums

Ron Perron in Won't Anybody Listen
Ron Perron  Bass

Frank Rogala from Won't Anybody Listen
Frank Rogala  Lead Singer

Vince Rogala from Won't Anybody Listen
Vince Rogala  Sax & Keyboards

Robert Aviles from Won't Anybody Listen
Robert Aviles  Violin

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